Sample PROXY


For : _________________ ASSOCIATION

The undersigned Owner, who is authorized to vote in Association elections, hereby designate(s) and appoints___________________ as the “Proxy” for the Owner. By this designation of Proxy, the Proxy may represent the Owner with the full power to vote on behalf of the Owner, the extent and with the same effect as if the Owner were personally present. This designation revokes any prior designation of Proxy that the Owner may have given previously with respect to the Owner’s ownership interest in the ASSOCIATION.

This designation of Proxy shall be effective for the Membership Meeting to be held on____________________________, 200_, at ________ _M, and at all adjournments of such meeting.

Date:________________, _____ [must be filled in]

Lot or Unit No.______

Street Address of Lot or Unit: ____________________________________________________________





NOTES REGARDING USE OF THIS FORM PROXY: A separate page of instructions should be provided to the Proxy holder (the person named as Proxy). The voting measures are not on this Proxy because this Proxy cannot be used as a substitute for a ballot under Civil Code Section 1363.03. This Proxy must be turned in along with the ballot package for the Owner who gives the Proxy.

A Proxy can be revoked before the vote is completed unless the ballot package has already been turned in to the inspectors. Thus, the Owner who assigns this proxy can revoke it before the ballots are counted, except that the ballot package is not revocable once it has been turned into the Inspectors. So, if an Owner mails in their ballot package and then designates a Proxy, or gives the ballot package to a Proxy and that person turns the ballot package in, it will do no good to revoke the Proxy.

An Owner should, therefore, give explicit instructions to the Proxy that is named, and should grant this Proxy only to someone he or she trusts to follow the instructions.

[Attach separate page with instructions if instructions are to be given – if board disseminates, the separate page should have the measures to be decided so that the Proxy Giver can mark the page and give it to the Proxy Holder.]