Thank you for visiting me. This website is about CID and condominium living; sharing amenities and the info resources you need to survive!! The information herein is not offered as legal advice; but rather as basic information. Whether you are a:

  • Homeowner
  • Board member (of a homeowner association board)
    • In a common interest development
    • Condominium association
    • Planned development
    • Townhome
    • Single family subdivision that shares amenities
  • Realtor who sells property in any of those kinds of developments
  • Manager of those types of communities
  • Interested vendor, professional, legislator, or other person

I believe you will find some helpful information for just about any problem you wish to solve. If you can’t find the answer in these pages, you will need to retain an attorney. I am retired and no longer providing legal advice.

I am a retired attorney who has practiced in this area of the law for more than 30 years.

My background over these several years includes forming a close network with working professionals and association members all over the State of California, service in the legislative action arena for common interest development laws (including writing language for statutes, testifying in public hearings, and organizing grass roots efforts to promote beneficial legislation and defeat bad legislation); as well as writing many publications and articles (including newsletters, books, monthly FYIs for clients, and general articles for each of the industry publications), giving and leading and/or participating in over 100 programs for the various industry groups, including my own series, and serving clients all over the State of California, homeowner associations and homeowners alike! Since I own a condominium and have lived in it and rented it out, and have attended board meetings as an owner, and have even run for the board – I believe my perspectives are much more varied than most.

In these pages, I offer valuable publications, articles , forms and even educational Primers (brief treatises on matters that involve laws or case histories) that are written in lay people’s language; cover some of the laws, as well as the nuts-and-bolts everyday issues, the difficult issues, the ways to develop a plan to deal with almost any crisis, and the information that is necessary to keep a community humming and the residents happy – including tips on operating efficiently and effectively, ongoing advice to keep yourselves out of the court room, and how to address the very difficult issues that many associations and homeowners face like apathy, resistance to change, rising costs, etc.

I offer tips & solutions for dealing with disruptive and rude homeowners, disruptive and rude groups in an association; disruptive and rude board members and disruptive and rude professionals – all persons who have a different (or mis-) understanding of morality, decency and the law. I let you in on secrets for simplifying meetings, enhancing communications, resolving disputes and creating policies and resolutions that work. I hope all of this is helpful to you.

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