HOA Tool Kit

Understanding California Law – it’s not easy. But you can beat the odds using the HOA Tool Kit. It consists of some critical tools currently provided by author Beth Grimm. They are:

THE DAVIS-STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH (via email!)… is just that! This book is a Plain English version of the main statutory body of law that regulates common interest developments in California called THE DAVIS STIRLING ACT. In a language anyone can understand it explains what the statute says, and raises some of the differences of opinion about how the law applies. It also explains some of the issues that have arisen over the statutory language. Ever try reading the Davis Stirling Act? You need this book!  Click here to see sample pages from this publication.

There are several Primers in the Webstore, and more are being produced each month. They cover a myriad of topics, but the BOARD BASICS I & II Primers are a must for board members and homeowners who are thinking of serving on the Board or who wants to know the extent of its obligation, it’s authority, and it’s powers. The Board has a job to do and it is not easy. The Board Basics Primers are a great place to start for anyone living in a homeowners association because every HOA needs a Board!  In the Webstore you will find not only the Board Basics Primers, but Primers on other subjects as well!

 Every Board needs to formulate policies, rules, regulations; needs to know how to call meetings and proceed at meetings. The Operations Forms Primers I & II are extremely valuable and useful to Boards. And, having these templates will save your association a considerable sum that you would otherwise have to pay an attorney. This isn’t rocket science, but you need fuel to operate!   In the Webstore you will find lots of other forms, guides and Primers as well!

 To round out your Tool Kit, it is important to sign up for the free E-News and to check the California Condo & HOA Law blog once a week for new posts. You will be well ahead of the challenges that arise by keeping up.