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This Book is just that! The only Plain English version of the law available to the public that regulates condos, townhomes and single family homes sharing amenities in California.

The Act is called THE DAVIS STIRLING COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENT ACT. In a language you can understand the book explains what the law says and contains comments to help understand the interpretation. It includes an Appendix with many important forms that are required by law.

Have you ever tried reading the law books? You need this book! And the Table of Contents contains an important cross reference chart that provides the old (before the 2014 reorganization) and the new code numbers. This is invaluable since much of the information on the web up to 1/1/2014 when the Act was reorganized still references the old codes!! This book is updated each year.

Please read – this is about ordering:

When you place your order by Paypal, If you pay $95 you will receive the PDF version! If you pay $125.00 you will receive the book in the mail. Expect up to a one week turnaround time for the snail mail version.

The Condo Owner’s Answer BookTalk about misconceptions and misunderstandings…the homeowners’ association industry involving condominiums, shared amenity living, and shared responsibility is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings. The general public has processed its share from the negative “connotations” and bad press rampantly played out in the newspapers, magazines and tabloids, and even on TV and in the movies. The tabloids love a good “the board president was run over ten times by a resident who was not allowed to wash his car in the common area” story. X-files presented an episode based on a situation where the board eliminated (yes I mean that literally) owners who did not follow the “rules”. And when Jerry Seinfeld’s father became the subject of a nasty recall battle because he was suspected of pilfering association money when seen driving around in a new Cadillac purchased for him by his son, Jerry, the audiences loved it. Children are now exposed to it at an early age with the latest movie featuring “condo commandos” who seem to run the place without regard for the creatures just trying to find a good place to coexist with people. So, are there answers to the questions and quandaries that arise? Yes, there are. And many can be found in THE CONDO ANSWER BOOK $20 total.

Key to Your Castle
Key Book – FINDING THE KEY TO YOUR CASTLE – $20.00 ($16 for book plus mailing)
The old standby- read-be-entertained-and-learn book about CID living and what it means! Meet the “Condoguru” (with answers to all pertinent and impertinent questions) and “El Cid” (The Explainer of Law in CIDs). These two fun characters will guide you through the maze of practical and legal matters that arise in a form of living that requires cooperation and sometimes compromise. It is an enlightening book for homeowners, board members, realtors, and others who don’t fully understand what a CID is and how it is supposed to work. The foreward featuring Backward Harry helps set the stage to understanding a positive way of looking at things and how to be a better member of your association, and the afterward explains how Harry turned things around at Fracas Falls HOA . The first chapter explains the concept of common interest living and followup chapters on “Rights And Responsibilities” and “Rules and Reasons” (relating to conduct), “What To Do When You Don’t Like It”, Dues and Don’ts and “Paying for The Unexpected” (regarding assessments) and “Association Management” and “The Role of Volunteers” (explaining the administration and management aspects) help take the mystic out of the style of living. (PLUS tax, handling, and shipping charges as outlined on the Order Form)

SM HOA Guide – SMALL HOA SURVIVAL GUIDE: This is the book hundreds of small associations and owners in them have been asking about for the past year. Small HOAs do not have the resources of their larger counterparts to procure professional management or legal services. So I have been promising callers and those who email me a publication that would bring the basics for small HOA boards and owners together in one place. It is not a one-size-fits-all world although California lawmakers think it is. Small HOAs need some advantage, and this is it. Although it points out several California laws that relate to things like elections, meetings, notices and disclosures, the practical advice spans the whole country. Small HOAs all over the US share the same plight: “Please someone help us find the right resources!!” Well, here it is – the ultimate resource guide for small HOAs. Offered in copyrighted PDF booklet form only. Can be shared among one HOA’s board members with specific written permission.

You need this GUIDE if you are on the Board or thinking about serving, or are an owner in a small HOA and want to know what Board Members are supposed to do! It provides straight forward Plain English information and the Appendix contains an important cross reference chart that provides the old (before the 2014 reorganization) and the new code numbers. This is invaluable since much of the information on the web up to 1/1/2014 when the Act was reorganized still references the old codes!! This book is updated each year.

Please read – this is about ordering:

When you place your order by Paypal, If you pay $85 you will receive the PDF version! If you pay $115.00 you will receive the book in the mail. Expect up to a one week turn around time for the snail mail version.

ELEC INSP – GUIDE TO BE AN HOA INSPECTOR OF ELECTION – This guide consists of all of the information you need to get started as an HOA Inspector of Election. The HOA elections are similar to, yet very different, than public elections. This guide covers how to communicate with the association, how to set up the inspection, how to protect yourself with a good contract, what questions to ask ahead of time, and pitfalls to avoid. It will get you started …
PRICE: $50.00

RECALL – GUIDE TO HANDLING RECALL ELECTIONS – This guide addresses the various processes involved in a recall election process. It is intended to be a helpful tool for anyone wanting information on being recalled, or being involved in a recall effort.
PRICE: $50.00

Several PRIMER PUBLICATIONS are available. These are publications that explain various practical applications of subject matter that, when appropriate, recite relevant statutes, cases and other authorities and, where appropriate, include forms, lists, instructions; and proposed rules, policies, and other helpful tools. They are each $25.00. The subject matter ranges from elections to reserves to enforcement and many other subjects will be added as the publications are written. . They will be sent in PDF document format, to be provided be email. All of the publications are copyrighted in favor of Beth A. Grimm PLC. However, permission will be given for sharing them with your HOA Board, or others, by permission only.

 AC-1 - ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL - How Do You Know If You Have It? No. 28

Includes a discussion of where the ACC rules, regulations, restrictions and guidelines come from and how to determine the extent of control in your development.
PRICE: $25.00
AC-2 – ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL – The Most Common Issues.No.29
Includes a discussion of common ACC issues in California HOAs, how to go back and resolve problems that have not been attended to for years, how to initiate change and what it means to grandfather existing construction.
PRICE: $25.00

 AC-3 - ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL - Unreported Cases and What Can Be Learned From Them. No. 30

Includes a discussion of some of the most influential cases in California relating to architectural control, as well as what can be gleaned from some of the unreported cases about architectural issues.
PRICE: $25.00

 A-1 - ASSESSMENTS - What Are The Limits? -

What Are The Limits That Boards Can Charge and What Are The Collection Requirements and Limitations?
PRICE: $25.00

 A-2 - ASSESSMENTS - What Happens in A Foreclosure Situation? -

How Does Foreclosure Work? What Is The Difference Between Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosure? What Can the HOA Do When An Account Goes Into One Of These Processes?
PRICE: $25.00

  A-3 - ASSESSMENTS ­What Happens in A Bankruptcy Situation? -

How Does Bankruptcy Work? Can The Owner Stay in Their Property? What Can the HOA Do When An Account Goes Into One Of These Processes?
PRICE: $25.00

 A-4 - ASSESSMENTS - Facing a Large Special Assessment? What Do You Do? No. 38 -

Includes information on how to handle the scary special assessments – and process of getting the members to understand what’s up when the need arises, as commonly happens in a situation of roof or siding replacement, a major rehabilitation situation, a lawsuit, or natural disaster situation.
PRICE: $25.00

 A-5 - ASSESSMENTS - Assessment Collections in Hard Times - for Boards and Owners

The Assessment Collections Primer contains the Ten Commandments for Boards of Assessment Collections and much more… it is an important educational tool, about Board duties with regard to collections, and what can happen if a board or owner ignores the debt, and what options an owner has with regard to asking for meetings, leniency, payment plans, etc., what actions will prove futile and may even be harmful. The new Assessment Collections Primer provides an overview on collections, and other Assessment Primers delve into more detail about other specific subjects such as bankruptcy and foreclosure in HOA collections, and the big special assessment.
PRICE: $25.00

 BB-1 - BOARD BASICS - What do Board Members Need To Know?

This is for all Board members or owners thinking about running for the Board. What are the most basic things one needs to know? These are: types of common interest developments, budgeting practices, fiduciary responsibility and what it means; management responsibilities; corporate filing, reporting, and other state requirements; basics of elections and meetings; impact of law on practices and documents; records that must be kept; rights to records review; assessment collections; choosing vendors, and dealing with members.
PRICE: $25.00

 BB-2 - BOARD BASICS - How do Boards Go About Business? -

This Primer is more intermediate and discusses how to read and interpret the governing documents, set policy, keep members informed, enforce the documents, how to collect assessments effectively, and how to combat apathy and deal with complaints, and how to prevent and conquer some of the common challenging situations. And there is a segment relating to ÒCodesÓ of Conduct, a helpful form called ÒTestament to Good ServiceÓ for use by HOAs and Condo Associations, and some information on recall.
PRICE: $25.00

 Diff P-1 - DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE - Owners, Board Members, Professionals, Vendors -

HOA members are not the only ones who can be difficult. Board members can create all sorts of problems. Dealing with the HOA attorney and/or vendors can be challenging. Find out how to deal with people who are obstinate, threatening, coercing, overbearing, bossy, disrespectful, or just plain difficult. Learn how to engender accountability from those who do not want to take responsibility for their acts. This primer deals with owners who break rules, board members who have negative impact in many areas (board meetings, dealing with vendors and owners) or who disclose association confidential information, vendors who do not fulfill contracts, etc.
PRICE: $25.00

 Diff P-1 - DISCLOSURES - ALL ABOUT DISCLOSURES - Find out what boards are required to disclose to owners every year. There is a long list. Find out what sellers are required to disclose to buyers (another long list, that can be delegated to the association). Find out what disclosures may be made by email. You can pre-order. Anticipated release date is July 15, possibly sooner.

PRICE: $25.00

 EL-1 - ELECTIONS - How to Do it Under the New Election Laws

Elections, Elections, Elections: How to Do it Under the New Election Laws
PRICE: $25.00

 EM-1 - EMAIL - How to Use and Manage Email to the Best Advantage. Find out how to avoid pitfalls, how to use email without creating an illegal meeting, how to protect confidentiality, and how to use it to the best advantage. Management of email can be difficult, but not impossible. Appropriate use of technology can make your work and life easier. Find out what disclosures and notices can be sent by email. You can pre-order. Anticipated release date is July 15, possibly sooner.

PRICE: $25.00

 EN-1 - ENFORCEMENT - Basic Enforcement Concepts No. 21

Defining what is needed to enforcement (authority), limits on enforcement (laws and cases), and how to set up basic policies to help with consistency and success in enforcement. (Does Not Cover Collection of Assessments).
PRICE: $25.00

  EN-2 - ENFORCEMENT - Intermediate Enforcement Points and Helpful Hints No. 22

Sorting out use of Hearings, ADR, and IDR. Which of these processes are required, useful, and when is the best time to use each. Which parties are required to come to the table and which are not.
PRICE: $25.00

 EN-3 - ENFORCEMENT - Advanced Enforcement on Parking Issues No. 23

How to set policies, when you can tow, and what other methods have proven successful.
PRICE: $25.00

  EN-4 - ENFORCEMENT -Advanced Enforcement on Neighbor to Neighbor Issues No. 24

Information on handling complaints involving smoking, noise, threatening and bothersome pets, etc. Learn about cases and statutes that have bearing, and when the Associations should get involved.
PRICE: $25.00

  LL-1 - LEASE/RENTAL LIMITATIONS What Are They? Are They Legal?

Includes a discussion of treatment of renters, and also what limitations can be imposed, including amending the documents to prohibit or limit leasing/renting in an HOA development.
PRICE: $25.00

  M1 - MAINTENANCE Primer - - This Primer covers the very basics about who fixes what in a condominium or planned development (attached housing) in California. Find out how to decipher the question of which controls, the law or the governing documents, given what each says about maintenance responsibilities. As for Boards, find out how to set good policy and follow it so as to avoid legal issues. As an owner or Board, find out what your responsibilities are and what can be done if you ignore the responsibilities.

PRICE: $25.00

 MV-1 - MANAGEMENT AND VENDORS - Choosing and Evaluating Vendors and Management for the Association. This Primer is about choosing vendors and managers for the association. You will learn what traits to look for, what questions to ask, what to look for in contracts, and how and whenÊto evaluate those who provide services to the association.

PRICE: $25.00

 RC1 - RECORDS - Record Keeping Practices -

This Primer includes the legal requirements for record keeping in California HOAs. (Including Financials, Minutes, etc.) It identifies issues relating to release of minutes and the membership list, and the form of accounting used. A suggested records retention chart is included.
PRICE: $25.00

  RC2 - RECORDS INSPECTION -ALL ABOUT RIGHTS TO INSPECT HOA AND CONDO ASSOCIATION RECORDS - Find out what HOA and CONDO records homeowners have a right to inspect and/or copy. Find out what restrictions on inspections can be imposed, what charges can be made, and what can be done to protect from identity theft. Common disputes and solutions will be described. There is a long list of records subject to inspection, most of which are financial records. You can pre-order. Anticipated release date is July 15, possibly sooner.

PRICE: $25.00

  R1 - RESERVES - What Must be Put Away No. 8 -

Reserves, What Must be Put Away – – What can be spent and on what.
PRICE: $25.00

  R3 - RESERVES - What Does Fiduciary Duty with Regard to Saving, Investing and Funding Really Mean? No.10 -

Reserves, Reserves, Reserves: “Reserves, What does Fiduciary Duty with Regard to Saving, Investing and Funding Really Mean?”
PRICE: $25.00



Includes lots of information on how to set policy and standards, the importance of doing so, and contains a sample policy, resolution, letter to owners, and sample violation letters, approval and denial forms. retroactive approval forms, etc. PRICE: $25.00

 AF-1 - ASSESSMENTS - Forms Used in Collections -

Includes Sample Collection Policies, Sample Pre-Lien Letter, Lien, Notice of Default, Notice of Sale, and IDR/ADR Response Letters.
PRICE: $25.00

 EL-F1 - ELECTIONS Forms - Forms Used in Elections

Includes Sample Proxy, Sample Ballot, Sample Letter to Owners to Go With New Rules, Model Election Rules, and Other Sample Election-related Forms.
PRICE: $25.00

 EN-F-1 ­- ENFORCEMENT - Forms Used in Enforcement

Includes Sample Enforcement Policy, Fines Policy, Letters, Resolutions, Rules Circulation Letters and Helpful Hints in Developing Your Own Rules to Enforce.
PRICE: $25.00

 OPF-1 - OPERATIONS - Forms Used in Operations -

Includes Notices of Various Types of Meetings, Sample Agenda, Minutes, Sample Resolution format, Written Unanimous Consent Form with Guidance, etc.
PRICE: $25.00

 OPF-2 - OPERATIONS - Policies Used In Operations -

Form: A conglomeration of Sample Policies including Fines, Enforcement, Meetings, IDR/ADR, Parking, Satellite Dish and other Policies.
Price: $25.00